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Grunge Wall
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My Art and my Faith go hand in hand. One is not separate from the other.

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If my art radiates something the spirit is trying to say, I have done the work.

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I capture vision, emotion, spirit and inspiration through the delicate dip in the paint can.

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The process of working with paint and gravity is healing, grounding and my own little sanctuary 


From the soul-work comes the art-work. I capture moments and memories of the human experience using latex paint straight from the can. With help from a palette knife, I use a drip technique to manipulate colors to capture spirit on canvas.

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See my past work, showcased and personal favorites! Be sure to watch the Joy Dripper video.


Send a gift, frame a favorite, mail a card. Shop my rotating gallery of prints and cards!!


Let's make your vision, special project or favorite memory come to life with a little drip and drop! Limited space for 2021

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