drip drop joy box

What is the Drip Drop Joy Box Project?

Why drips? 

Absolutely they are visually unique, and as a bonus they are able to express a variety of emotions. Sometimes the drips are tears- a pouring out of pain, fear or even happiness. Sometimes they are excitement, dripped out like confetti. Other times they are radiating energy from an unexpected source, stirring up a new awareness. In each of the ways, the drips have consistently given way to much joy in my heart. The desire to share that joy with others birthed a little project called the Drip Drop Joy Box. A simple box, filled with art to enjoy and share. To connect ourselves with others. 

To know we are not alone. To know we are loved. To give joy.  

Won’t you join me in creating this joy community?

Shop the latest Drip Drop Joy Box

Is your heart prompted by this box's artwork? Has someone in your life come to mind that would benefit from this gift? Imagine how you change a life through a simple piece of mail!

In each box, you get 3 identical prints (signed and dated by the artist) in these sizes:

8x10” to keep | 5x7” to mail | 4x6" for your recipient to mail

AND, all the packaging for this happy mail is included!

Each box is a limited edition, so act now. When they're gone, they're gone!

Share your Drip Drop Joy Box story

The hope of this project is to share joy and connect with each other. With each box, I'll write a few thoughts on what the piece means to me, and I'd love for you to do the same.

How was the artwork meaningful to you?  What about it connected to you?

Did you receive art, send art, or get to do both? 

You have a story to tell.  There is strength in the vulnerability.  And a community to be found in the sharing.



Drip Drop Joy Box

P.O. Box 95253

North Little Rock, AR 72190

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